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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MilleDav01, Apr 20, 2016.

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    Hi everyone,


    I have an iPhone 6s Plus (Verizon) and will be going abroad for school, I switched it from my personal account to my mom's family plan so that I can keep my number.

    My question is, since I won't be subscribing to an international plan (I.E. will be using Wi-Fi only), will I be able to get voicemail that comes in over wifi or do I actually have to be connected to the Verizon Network?

    I just don't want to miss important calls, and being $1.79 per minute, don't want to use the cellular network.

    I suppose I could call my phone from a landline (First semester I live in dorms and get free calling to USA), but visual voicemail is just more convenient.
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    Good question. According to this FAQ...no.

    I don't know how long you're going to be abroad but it seems to me not having a cell plan while you're over there is a bit like having a brick in your pocket when you're out and about. I can't stand it and use a UK SIM when I'm over for just a week.

    Since my StraightTalk service doesn't include visual voicemail I use Google Voice. You could get a GV number and have it handle voicemail for your existing US number. It's a reversible setting and the separate GV number is irrelevant. You can get emails of phone messages and/or use the Google Voice or Hangouts app to get notifications and check them. Another plus is using the Hangouts app to call back to the US as it uses wifi or data for the call, although the call will show as being from your GV number.

    You ought to check into getting a SIM to use while abroad. The negative for that is iOS Messages and Facetime. You won't get the ones sent to your US number while the foreign SIM is inserted. Messages sent to your AppleID email addresses will work, however.
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    I think that is for the Verizon Specific Visual Voicemail? Not that iPhone visual voicemail? I could be wrong g. I will be abroad for 4 years on and off (4 months on, 3 weeks home)
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    your understanding is wrong. voicemail is a carrier service and does NOT come over wifi. you need a cellular connection. Now what is possible is, you could use "wifi calling" - which means you will be connected to verizon's service not over cellular towers but over wifi (if you have a supported phone and plan).
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    visual voicemail uses carrier data.
    If you disable the carrier data or turn data roaming to off you will not get those voice messages.
    Unless you dial in your number and check your inbox periodically the old fashioned way.

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