iPhone vs. Nokia E70

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Wotan31, Sep 28, 2009.

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    There are 2 kinds of Maddox posts. A) The kind where he honestly doesn't care, but thinks something is funny to make fun of. B) The kind where he actually cares.

    "A" posts are awesome. "B" posts are really kind of sad.

    Sadly, this is definitely a "B" article. The problem with that is he still pretends that he only writes "A" articles...but you can tell the difference. It's not pretty.
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    Lmao. Sounds like a first gen iPhone he's talking about before 3.0.....

    Hey at least I can copy and paste now....
    Hey at least I can copy and paste now....
    Hey at least I can copy and paste now....
    Hey at least I can copy and paste now....
    Hey at least I can copy and paste now....
    Hey at least I can copy and paste now....
    Yes I'm posting from apples kick as mobile browser....

    Also idk why people brag about that phone it's just another boring as hell blackberry copy.
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    Jun 5, 2008
    Quite frankly, I enjoyed his review. The iphone does suck. Really, it does. And I have one.

    It's got a fabulous user interface, and an app store. And that's it.

    iPhone just now finally got MMS, a feature that other phones have enjoyed for what, a decade now?

    iPhone has the worlds shi7tiest camera. My 4 year old Nokia has a 5 Megapixel camera with a flash and a zoom. The iPhone is possibly the worst camera on any current phone.

    iPhone has a cumbersome keyboard. Real actual buttons are so much easier to type on. That's why computer keyboards still have them.

    iPhone just now finally got cut and paste, while other phones have had this for a long time.

    iPhone's web browser sucks. Constantly crashes and craps out. Nokia's browser is better. (don't argue this unless you've used it)

    iPhone is carrier locked (and on a crappy carrier I might add), and has very limite plan selection. Other phone makers like Nokia sell unlocked phones direct to the public. No hacking necessary. Just buy the phone, then pop in the SIM card of your choice.

    Sorry, but as an actual mobile phone, the iPhone sucks. There are much better phones out there.
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    Can't agree with most of this at all! Even though I have no problem with you having your own opinion - that's cool.

    First and foremost the iPhone browser is awesome and I think it's one of the iPhones strong points, has never crashed on me and I use it daily, you must be unlucky.

    MMS is old tech anyways, I don't use it as email is free and just as easy on the iPhone.

    If you want a great camera buy a compact digital camera, not that expensive and some produce really nice pictures. I don't think the iPhone 3GS cam is that bad for what I use it for.

    Cut, copy and paste wasn't major for me, if it was I just wouldn't have bought the iPhone, easy choice really.

    And it is carrier locked, but I personally don't mind as it's locked to the network I would choose anyway - O2, who I have been on 90% of the time.

    Just my opinions..

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    If u dont like your iPhone take it back to the shop u got it from + tell the person behind the counter that your to stupid to own 1! My 2 year old little girl can use mine god knows how but she can unlock it txt + make phone calls! give it another year + she'll be doin reviews on Flixster!

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