iPhone + VW Bluetooth = BT Audio?

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by TimTheEnchanter, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. TimTheEnchanter macrumors 6502a


    Oct 24, 2004
    Minneapolis, MN
    Looking for help from fellow VW owners. I have a 2010 Passat with factory bluetooth. I've paired my iPhone and handsfree calling works great.

    What I'm wondering is there any way to play audio (music, iHeart Radio, etc) via bluetooth over the radio? I see the BT tab under the MEDIA button, but it does not recognize my iPhone. I would think if it's paired, it would show up.

    Thought I'd try here first. Thanks for any help! :)
  2. kwtemple macrumors newbie

    Jan 6, 2012
    Was wondering if you ever figured this out, I have the same problem.
  3. Leonard1818 macrumors 68020

    Nov 15, 2011

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