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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by rjansen21, Aug 11, 2008.

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    I tried searching on this but still didn't really understand..well here's the deal I bought an original iphone on craigslist awhile back. Well recently (after 2.0) my phone has started freezing non stop. It seems mostly after a full days use and I almost have to restore daily. I updated to 2.01 and I still get the same problem after a couple of hours of surfing safari or sending a long text. It's really annoying because even when I dont restore I have to shut the phone off for a couple of hours before it boots up. It gets stuck on the apple logo constantly and the only thing that helps is powering off for hours sometimes days. Well I looked up the serial number on the apple warranty site and it looks like the phone is under warranty until august 5 2009. The person I bought it from must've purchased the extended applecare. The problem is is that I read you have to be activated on AT&T to get warranty service on it. It is unlocked but I know I can put it back to factory settings but Is there a way they can tell when looking up the serial number that I'm not activated? Any work arounds on this? Thanks in advance..
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    whats AT&T's warrenty site? i need to know that...
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