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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by natwii60, Sep 7, 2009.

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    hi everyone, i was wondering if using the hacked carrier file will be seen on apple's genius bar diagnostic program if i for some reason have to get it checked and i delete the hack before showing up. i know obviously any hack voids the warranty but i want to know if apple can see if anything like that has been done to the phone. i know that they are able to check and see for jailbreaks but i wonder for the carrier file?

    p.s. i done it to my 3g but i didnt take it to genius bar so i want to do it for my 3gs.
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    So if we tell you No

    and they do will you be mad? 1st always presume there is a chance. what they do about it is another issue up to the genius. I broght in a unlocked and heavily modded Iphone they just told me to unjailbreak it and bring it back in a few days I exchange it for a new phone. I would say better safe then sorry is best advice.
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    Just put the phone into DFU mode and do restore in iTunes before you take it in to be looked at. The DFU will make sure all traces of the jailbreak are gone as long as you set it up as a new phone.

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