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    I kept getting faulty phones through replacement after replacement. (3 I believe) The last one happened on the very last day of my warranty and 2 months later I updated to 3.1.2 and my wifi is no longer working. I took it in and they said that it was 80 out of warranty at that time. Anything I could do? I read that a lot of people had that problem but no solutions. Also I read this from the apple site

    " Replacement phones have a 90-day limited hardware warranty or assume the remainder of your standard warranty or AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone coverage, whichever is longer. Please see Apple's Repair Terms And Conditions for further details."

    So I should have been serviced right? They just told me I was out of warranty. Or am i reading it wrong? Any help appreciated. Thanks
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    Yes, you get 90 days, so since you only had it for 2 months, you are due a replacement.

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