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    Ok So this might have been covered (if you know where please link it) but its a bit complicated to search for.

    I have a new iPhone 3G and I have connected it to our home WiFi network. The settings pane confirms it has a valid IP address and subnet. DHCP has also registered DNS IPs to the iPhone.

    Problem: when in Safari no web pages load. Error says something like 'Server not responding'

    I have tried switching the proxy from "Automatic" to "Off" and still not working.
    I have refined the DNS addresses and even removed them and still not working.

    My question: Is there a setting in the router I must ensure is ticked on or shouldn't the iPhone just work???
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    Mar 18, 2008
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    Well, this works for some problems:

    A) Remove yourself from your Network. Go into your network and select “Forget This Network.”

    B) Turn WIFI Off. From them Settings Menu for WIFI, you need to toggle the Blue On Button to the Grey Off Position.

    C) Reset/Reboot your Wireless Router. Wait for your Router to fully reboot.

    D) Turn WIFI back on, on your iPhone.

    E) Re-Connect to your WIFI Network. Re-enter your encryption information as needed.

    Good luck.

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