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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by d4m1r, Dec 6, 2014.

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    Oct 1, 2011
    Hey guys, I've noticed this for several years now but I figuired I'd check to make sure I'm not the only one....I have 2 older iPhones (which are 100% functional) that could never FULL speed over Wifi. I have super fast cable internet at home (50Mbps down, 2.5Mbps up) and a new Dlink Xtreme Wireless N (300Mbps) router.

    The iPhones (even when new) can only pull 10-20Mbps. Why is that? The iPhone 4 I have is supposed to support Wireless N but even right beside the router, can only pull ~20Mbps down (can push the full 2.5Mbps up though). The older iPhone 3GS has Wireless G and can only pull ~10Mbps down (and again, the full 2.5Mbps up). I know there is nothing wrong with my modem or router because my Macbook Pro can pull the full 50Mbps from the same location over Wifi....:confused:
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    There are several reasons for this. Network traffic has a lot overhead and used a lot CPU power. More than a simple copy/past from one drive to another. Also the flash write speed on older iPhones is rather slow, probably around 10-20 MB/s.

    A slow CPU, a wifi-chip manufactured for low power consumption and slow flash al together slow wifi transaction down a bit.

    On my iPhone 6 I can download 95 Mbits/s over an Airport Extreme using n standard. A fast A8 CPU and over 200 MB/s flash speed are responsible for this wifi speed.

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