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    Oct 28, 2009
    Hey guys I'm new to this forum and seeking some help. I have an iphone 3gs and last night I had about 40% battery so I put it on charge through a wall socket and went to sleep. This morning I wake up to a screen that shows a dead battery(only a few % of charge that is in red) and a lightning symbol.

    I'm guessing my battery was drained instead of charged but now it won't charge at all or turn on. I tried restarting the phone but nothing happened.

    I have one slight little crack near the charger slot(exterior) and wanna know if this will void the warranty when I take it in to the apple store to get it fixed or replaced???
  2. gboo559 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Oct 28, 2009
    well now the red battery is gone and the screen is blank!!

    I can't turn it on at all and can't even get the red battery to show

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    if you have apple care, im sure they can look at it and tell you what you need?

    did you try plugging this into another outlet? maybe that one is zapped?
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    First open iTunes and connect your USB cord to your computer, but do not plug it into your iPhone. Then press and hold the home button on your phone while connecting the USB cord into your iPhone, while continuing to hold down the home button. Then click restore in iTunes.

    That works sometimes.

    Or you can look at this thread:


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