Resolved iPhone won't stay connected to internet???

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by evamoree, Aug 20, 2016.

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    Jun 29, 2016
    So basically for the past few days my phone sometimes won't stay connected to my BT-Hub3 internet network. I connect to it and then sometimes it'll stay connected for a minute to a few seconds and then disconnect. When I go to the wifi thing it appears available to connect to. After a couple of times of this happening it'll say incorrect password (its the correct password) and disconnect me and then I have to type in the password. Repeat infinity. It is honestly so frustrating.

    Sometimes it'll stay and be fine but its happened twice in the past few days and never ever has happened before with any phone I've had.

    I try my phone with my BT-Hub4 internet network and it'll stay connected. The only issue with this is that that internet is further away (downstairs), thus has a weak connection that won't load anything unless I'm leaning over my bed.

    I initially suspected my internet to be at fault, but as I'm typing this I am connected to the BT-Hub3 network without it disconnecting even once.

    I've had the phone for a year and 2 months (previous owner had it since October/November/December in the release year) and recently got an unofficial battery replacement if that's any help. I also always have my phone on low power mode. The phone used to always connect fine to BT-Hub3 network even with the unofficial battery and the low power mode though.

    I've had several other problems with the phone (camera, apps not downloading, heating up for no apparent reason, random battery drain despite the new battery being only 3 months old and was same issue with old battery, slow Touch ID that apparently isn't normal), most of which happened recently.

    I had all settings reset a week or two ago but surely if that messed with my internet settings I would have had the internet problem sooner??? Not sure if I should try resetting network settings. I do hate doing so and only do it if I have to.
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    Jun 29, 2016
    I reset the network settings which obviously restarted the phone and same issue is still occurring (though the WiFi did work for about half an hour before it started happening again).

    In addition to these points there are two other iPhone 5s' in my house which connect to the same WiFi fine.

    It is really confusing and I do not understand why the issue is continuing to persist since a network settings reset would normally fix issues like this. Any suggestions?

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