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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ghostface147, May 15, 2019 at 9:04 AM.

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    For the last couple of weeks, my iPhone X has been getting unusually warm, sometimes hot, when watching video. I use the Xfinity Stream app a lot and that's the app that causes it to get hot. Not scalding hot, but more like that's not normal hot. It was updated a month ago and worked fine until the heat issues started. Today I was looking at a video on Safari and it got warm rather quickly, which is also unusual. I used to be able to plug it in to charge (A/C adapter) and it would charge decently while in use. Now it charges it slowly and gets hot while charging and watching video. I'm on 12.3 and all my apps are up to date. Battery health is at 90% with almost 600 cycles on it.

    Not sure what the issue could be. I was thinking about erasing and starting from scratch and adding apps one by one. Such a slow process. Genius Bar is a last resort for me. Any ideas?
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    My X would do the same thing especially when using Apple CarPlay. When I got rid of the X and went with the XS Max I have none of those issues now. But that doesn't fix your problem. If I were in your shoes I would go ahead and erase the phone and start fresh, it won't hurt, it's just time consuming. If the issue still persists then I would make a Genius appointment. Your Battery Health isn't bad either at 90%, usually when it gets to around 83% Health is the time to worry.

    Have you installed any new apps? Maybe a recently installed app is causing the issue.
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    I had this issue + excessive battery drain awhile ago with my X and a hard restart always fixed it.
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    The heat is caused by the CPU/GPU working hard and also by the battery when charging. Especially when plugged in when using the phone.

    I've found that video streaming apps heat up my old phone too (which is running an older OS)

    You could download the app "System Status" to take a peek at what your CPU is doing.

    System Status - by Kenichi Yoshikawa

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