Iphone X greyed Out In IUP Pre-approval - anyone else?


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Sep 29, 2012
When i go to get pre approved for the apple upgrade program upgrade, the iphone X is greyed out.

Is this just me or everyone?

[doublepost=1505324711][/doublepost]for what its worth the idiots at apple chat said this:

  • Them: I see, since the iPhone X preorder is still far which is on October 27, the system is still updating so you can check it from time to time.

    Me: ah ok yes just wanted to make sure it wasnt just something wrong with me

    but youre sayign its not avilable for pre approval yet the iphone x


    Them: The iPhone X is eligible for preapproval but will be showing later on the Apple Store app since the system is still updating.

    Me: sorry, still a bit confused, does that mean it will be available some time today?

    Them: It will be available soon but we cannot guarantee that it will be today. So the best the we can do is to check the Apple Store app from time to time.

So, anyone's guess when its gonna be up for pre. If it follows suit it wont be till the end of October.


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Sep 29, 2012
Yes. Just assume waiting closer to X launch to activate

Yeah. Just wanted to have the info officially out there because I was still a bit unsure if it was something wrong with my account or it was official. You know how people get around iPhone time... CRAY CRAY!!!


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Nov 21, 2016
IUP shows my 7+ as eligible for upgrade.
iPhone X is still greyed out today.

Unlike the 8, I did not receive an email about pre-approval for the X.


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Sep 11, 2014
Same here. Hoping they will turn it on soon. I’m told with the 8 it wasn’t available until two days before.


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Jan 12, 2011
Maybe they're waiting until 9 or 10 AM PDT
This. My guess would be 10 AM PDT, as that seems to be when they usually roll out updates. Some developer has to roll into work and flip a switch for the backend part of the Apple Store app to show the pre-approval
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Mar 25, 2009
Grand Rapids, MI
I contacted Apple asking about upgrading phones for both my wife and I and asked about the pre-approval. There seems to be a hiccup this morning.

"Theres this small bug in the system thats not allowing us to get that pre approval done but don’t worry, the tech guys are working on it now. I recommend checking back in, in another 2 hours on that Apple App on the iPhone."