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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MiBook84, Nov 2, 2017.

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    I've ordered the iPhone X as many else and I look forward to picking it up tomorrow. I moved to an 7+ last year from a regular 6. The size bump wasn't too bad and Im pretty used to it now. I've gotten used to how I can look at pictures with far more detail from a distance - which is easy on the eyes and still gives me a very nice view of the image.

    I've realized the X screen isn't very wide in portrait. I _think_ it is a little wider than the regular iPhones but far from as wide as the +-phones. This will probably make a huge difference for picture and graphical media consumption. I compared a 6 and 7+ today on instagram and the pictures are so much smaller since they also have to scale down the height quite a lot to fit the smaller width.

    Being an avid hobby photographer I really enjoy seeing the details better and easily modify my pictures without having to zoom in.

    Whats your opinion on this? And since we're already on the size difference: I wonder why Apple haven't tried harder to work on landscape mode on iPhone X. Is this the sign that there will be an iPhone X+ in the future? Should I wait? I do not know. Maybe the OLED itself will be a great add-on but having a way to watch pictures without straining my sight is really a really, really great thing. I don't want to go to post stamp picture sizes again. I do hope the X screen is so much bigger in width that the difference in height won't be that big.
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    Instagram will look similar to your 6 until they update it.
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    I don't think they can update it to fix the issue since the issue is the narrowness of the screen itself. Instagram is already X-optimized by the way. I wish they did have a landscape mode but this would still require cropping when zooming in on pictures. Meaning there's no solution unfortunately.

    I did compare and the pictures get quite a lot smaller on the X than on a 7+ unfortunately.
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    This is what you mean:


    The pictures are definitely smaller on the X yes, which is understandable as the screen is narrower and therefore the entire photo will be scaled and resized. However, it is just as noticeably wider than the non Plus model. It really is in between the Plus and non-Plus.

    Coming from the 7 Plus I was afraid that I wouldn't like going back to a narrower screen which shows content like pictures smaller in portrait. But in real life usage, I adapted immediately. It was a non issue for me.
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    If instagram is X updated they better try again lol. Go to change your profile picture. When you get to the picture you want to select you cannot change it because at the top left it has cancel under the time that you cannot click and there is no place on the right to click done or finished or whatever so you can change the picture. Iv notice this with a lot of apps have issues at top or bottom.

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