Iphone X Magnetic Car Mount Affecting OIS and Compass?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Zigourney, Oct 6, 2017.

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    Wanted to get some advice on this, I am planning to buy a case + mag car mount before the iphone X comes out so that I have it all ready for when the X arrives (if I get lucky on pre order day ofcourse...)

    I'm set on the Pitaka iphone X case and Mag Car mount. However curiosity led me to google magnets and phones, and it came up with several hits about magnets affecting the Optical Image Stabilization and the compass in iPhones as both features work by using small internal magnets.

    I am further concerned as the iphone X has a stainless steel band around it, which I know could get ever so slightly magnetized by prolonged exposure to a powerful magnet, and thus affecting the OIS and compass in the iphone.

    I'm I being too paranoid about this? I really wanted the Magholder for the car...As you can see from the pictures in the link, this thing has 14 x N52 grade super powerful magnets inside it.

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    I am also a pre-order customer of PITAKA iPhone 8 case + MagMount for and used it for some days. Everything goes well till now. The OIS is all-right and the optical image stabilization is good and the compass works well when covered with the case.
    As for whether the MagMount will do some influences on the internal magnets of your phone and on those functions, so far I didn't find it. Maybe you can have some feedbacks to share with us after you use it on your iPhone X later.
    But as you can see that, the car vent mount product has been widely used for years and rarely someone told that this will do those similar influences. So I guess you are just being too paranoid hahahahah...
  4. Zigourney, Oct 14, 2017
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    I think I will still buy the Pitaka iphone x case as I like the slim profile and the design, but probably will give the mag car holder a miss. I am not being paranoid, look at this....


    and apples own guidelines on magnets and cases:

    According to " Accessory Design Guidelines for Apple Devices", Release R1, 2016-09-15.
    Page 11, section 2.2 Magnetic Interference.
    2.2 Magnetic Interference

    Apple recommends avoiding the use of magnets and metal components in accessories.

    All accessories that claim to be compatible with Apple devices that contain a digital compass (magnetometer) must minimize interference with the digital compass and must not repeatedly trigger compass recalibration. Additionally, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6 Plus have an autofocusrear camera equipped with optical image stabilization (OIS) that may be affected by magnets and metal components in accessories. Accessories that claim compatibility with these Apple devices must not affect the operation of the autofocus rear camera.
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    Thanks for this! I’m avoiding magnets on my iPhone X that i typically would use as a phone holder in the car. I’m pretty sure it would be be a hinderance if the wireless charging and possibly interfere with the dual OIS.

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