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Oct 16, 2013

it started this summer, my iPhone X is rebooting and then facetime will not work, it will not even charge in this status. One hard reset helps normally.
True tone and auto brightness is not working for months, don‘t remember when this started. But I remember the brightness behaved strange once I did a night hike and used the phone with my headlamp on with red light. The phone is in very good condition, no damage at all, once the battery was changed at apple, that was it. The bad thing is the phone reboots sporadically. More often when its hot outside.
Update from ios 14 to iOS 15 did not help.

Anyone experienced this too?


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Aug 19, 2017
No. My 5 year old X works normally with none of the issues you're experiencing. Maybe a complete restore using iTunes/finder and setting up as new without using your backup will solve the problems


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Mar 23, 2019
Budapest, Hungary
It's a faulty front sensor flex cable. A decent repair store can replace the cable with preserving Face ID, TrueTone, proximity sensor and ambient light sensors by moving your sensors to a new cable via soldering.
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