iPhone XS IPhone XS 256GB or 11 128GB for same price?


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Mar 26, 2010
Right now the 256GB iPhone XS is 799€ and the iPhone 11 128GB is 789€. Which one would you guys choose?

The XS screen is better, although I'm worried about long-term endurance because of OLED burn-in. The 11 has significant better battery life, which is another big point for the future.

The XS has less bezel. The 11 has the ultrawide camera, which is cool, and also the newer CPU.

Hard choice.

Any advice of owners of both?



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Dec 31, 2016
I had the XS and it’s definitely better than the 11. Speed wise isn’t much of a difference if any.
My wife has the 11 and it’s a good phone also.

Battery seems to better for sure on the 11. Not sure by how much.

If it was my choice I’d go for the XS just due to the Oled screen. I can’t stand lCD screens


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Jul 21, 2013
Also, the softer, less scratch resistant (but stronger) glass on the 11 promoting the use of a screen protector. This is controversial but I experienced it myself in addition to a massive thread on Apple support forums. Got rid of my 11 and went back to the 8 for this reason alone. I loved the faster speed, face unlock, uwa camera, night mode, better photos in general, increased battery life, better image stabilization on the 11. Did not like the extra weight, bigger size of the 11, and the notch but the glass scratching was the deal breaker for me as I’m not a fan of screen protectors.


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Mar 27, 2017
iPhone 11

If you're coming from a P20, you'll probably find the Xs a little smaller. The improved cameras on the iPhone 11 are worth it over the OLED feature.


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Jun 8, 2018
Kingman, AZ
I'd say go for the 11. The biggest problem here is probably the loss of space, but if you use the Cloud or can put video/photos taken onto a computer for storage it should not be much of a problem.

Newer device, larger screen and no worries about PWM and burn-in.


Dec 14, 2013
I'm waiting on my XS. Reason why I chose it is because it has 4x4 MIMO. The base 11 is still 2x2. My budget couldn't fit the higher end 11 models. I know the 11 is said to have a better modem but it has less antennas.

It's really up to you but my husband wanted my 7 Plus because his 6S is having issues. As for OLED, I've had a ton of Androids and burn in isn't too big a deal. Just avoid a static image on screen for 6 hours straight and you'll be okay. I've never had a phone experience burn in myself.

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Jul 12, 2016
Oled burn in on apple phones is very rare.
And just to add your post, I would challenge anyone to go to a retail store and look at Apples ‘demo phones’ with OLED displays, and none of them have burn-in.[Image retention]. If someone can find a demo phone with burn-in, feel free to share a picture as evidence.


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Sep 19, 2018
11. I'll take the better cameras, CPU, and longer battery life over an OLED screen any day. On the storage differences, depends on your usage. If you'll be taking a lot of videos even if 256gb sounds more desirable, the 11 still has the better video stabilization and 128gb is plenty. I had a XS Max and passed it on to my SO. I don't miss the screen at all.
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Dec 14, 2013
So, I'm going to say go with the 11. The XS is being returned by me. It has some serious issues with Wi-Fi and cellular reception. My 7 Plus beat it on all categories which is ridiculous.


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Aug 28, 2019
If you need more storage, get the XS. If you need better photos, get the 11.


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Jul 21, 2012
thats a legit hard choice. The XS has a significantly better screen but the 11 has a significantly better camera.... I’d probably pick the XS and pick up a smart battery case. I don’t take too many Pictures though
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