iPhone XS Max Iphone Xs max - Screen not light up on wake up


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Apr 23, 2019
I own iPhone XS Max, 2-3 times a day, when I press the power button to wake the screen or touch screen to wake it up (tap to wake or rise to wake), the screen remains black and doesn’t wake up but it’s not the black screen of death, the screen is working , but without images or light. So to wake the screen its necessary to press the power button 2 times. (The first click it sounds that screen turn off, and the second click the screen wake up). I run iOS 12.3.1. Sometimes when I receive calls the phone rings and the screen is black. I dont know if this is a ios bug or has to do with screen or backlight. Check my problem in this video on youtube :

Does anyone have this issue or know what the problem is? I send my phone to apple store and no hardware problem found, so i dont know what to do. My phone still has warranty