iPhone XS Max Iphone xs max warranty repair


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Mar 15, 2017
I own a 10s max and i cracked its back glass by sitting with a key in my pocket while sitting down.
Now i am having issues with its earpiece like the voice of incoming calls is not clear which has no connection to the damage I incurred so can i claim its warranty from the service center or they will ask me to get it repaired at cost first.
Or is a partially damaged device covered in warranty.



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Aug 19, 2017
Considering the only way to repair the back glass is to replace the phone I'd say if Apple refuses to fix the earpiece because of the crack your only option is to pay the $599 and get a replacement which will include a new earpiece
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Apr 27, 2016
New Jersey
I don't know that they'd take on the risk of trying to repair a phone that's already cracked. They don't just repair a phone with a cracked back, it's a total replacement like @BugeyeSTI said above. But again this is a question best suited for Apple. Sometimes if you're lucky, you can get a sympathetic employee that can "work" it to your advantage. My sister for example, cracked her screen, then a few weeks later the bottom speaker failed, and the Apple employee warrantied it for the speaker.