Iphone XS refreshing latency issue


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Nov 27, 2019
I have a weird issue on my jailbroken xs using chimera and 12.0.1.

Sometimes when I have an app that is refreshing to load data, such as Instagram comments section of a post or the Lime scooter app refresh button to load nearby scooters, it will seem to take a long time to refresh.

In Instagram, the comments won’t show up and just shows the loading data “circle”. But as soon as I swipe down from the upper right of from the lower edge of screen, basically almost going to app switcher or almost opening up the control center but let go before it reaches either, the app will instantly refresh and show the comments. If I don’t do this, it would take a very long time to load the comments. It feels as if I was using really slow latency WiFi or have poor cellular latency, but in fact the WiFi speed and latency is good. The comments would load right away if I do the actions above, which I think is a way to force the app to refresh and get its data.

In lime app it’s the same thing, where if I don’t swipe up or down partially, it would take a long time for it to refresh and show nearby scooters. But as soon as I partially swipe up or down, the refresh finishes instantly and scooters show up, just like it should be with low latency WiFi or good signal cell 4g Lte.

Now this issue is universal and applies for any app that needs to refresh to get updates in its data or gps location.