iPhone - Yahoo News Article Beyond Belief

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by gifford, Jun 28, 2007.

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    Jun 11, 2007
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    Over a thousand comments slating the iphone, I know we must look fanboys, but these people should be locked up...

    "And what technology is Apple using that others are not? What a SFB statement. In fact, the iPhone contains nothing that has not been tried before and it really simply rips off many old technologies [Apple simply looked at what was out there and incorporated/repackaged those ideas it thought might sell]"!

    "Two words - Sony Ericsson. Apple cannot come close to matching Sony's Superiority in this field, those who go out and get this are being duped by Jobs & Co - the W960i eats the iPhone alive, its just Mass Hysteria with Apple, get a REAL Product that perfoms too - Apple? Looks like the maggots got to your core Jobs & Co, now your just rotting from the inside. "!

    Ha Sony Ericsson! I have had practically every Sony Ericsson phone they have ever made, im currently with the p990i touchscreen, it is quite possibly the worst phone i have EVER used. It cant even keep the time, i lose about 15mins a week!

    Sony Ericsson, Nokia, and whoever else is in the symbian consortium have their work cut out. Infact I would say they should ditch it and hope Microsoft is able to follow Apple somewhat with windows mobile.

    There are pages of dumbfounding comments, worth a read...

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    Jan 12, 2007
    She's never used or held one. How can she write a review?

    The Treo isn't a comparable phone, so why is she comparing it to that?

    Can you play full-length movies on your Treo? No.

    I like her definitive terms like "handful."

    She can't even be bothered to give the correct pricing ($499 and $599) for the phone. She just rounds up for the sake of accuracy.

    There she goes rounding up again.

    Accurate, this one.

    She actually thinks that AT&T is going to give away teh iPhone services like visual voicemail...

    Reasonable enough, but try getting a full web page on a Treo or Blackjack.

    Op-Ed garbage.

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