iphone4(I know,not out yet) 1st iphone. what's best to sync with a PC?

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    The iphone4 will be my first iphone. I've been using a windows mobile phone. My current phone is the HD2 (It'll be hard to go to a smaller screen size.) Anyways..

    I use a PC. I use Outlook 2007 (and thinking of getting Outlook 2010) I use 64bit windows 7. I'm a little worried on how well it will sync to my outlook and if all my data will port over from my outlook contacts to a iphone. A friend of mine had the very 1st iphone, lots of stuff never ported to the iphone from his contacts because there was no "block" for that info. Example: A "Notes:" line or "Birthday:" line. So when ported, that info never got on the phone. Those was examples. Not saying the iphone wouldn't has something as simple as a "Birthday" field.

    So will I have any issues? Should I just use itunes with it's contact sync or pay for that "MobileMe" thing?

    Will my phone be able to keep in sync with my calenders between my two computers and outlook?

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    You should have no issues, I sync with outlook calendars and contacts with no issues.
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    I use iTunes. You won’t have a problem with Outlook. Your friend’s problems were probably due to the earlier versions. Outlook syncs with iTunes very well.

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