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iPhone4, iOS 4.1 stuck without any success at updating to newer version


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Jun 20, 2013

Could someone olease help mw out with this-

iPhone 4, running on iOS 4.1
Jailbroken multiple times, Factory Unlocked (Australia, 3)
Cydia has no packages or sources, reinstalled but couldn't fix it

Attempt 1 to update with iTunes
1. Older version in Mac, snow leopard 10.6
2. LAtest versino in Wndows
Both gave errors 3002 mostly and others on few occasions
repeatedly got- "This build is eligible for upgrade." and "iPhone update server could notbe contacted."

Attempt 2. Tweaked the "hosts" without any luck

Attempt 3 Used Tinyumbrella and Redsnow to fetch, submit adn verify shsh blobs- available shsh-> 4.1, 4.2.1, 4.2b3, 5.0.1, 6.0.1, 6.1.3
Ran tss server in TY and tries every procedure with redsnow-
Restoring, stitching ipsw with blobs, creating custom ipsw... restoring thru redsnow (v15,14,12,13,12,11)
and iTunes...

The device with goes into recovery loop with a balck screen or apple startup logo, or, device displays a long list of commands or processes in plian white text in black screen.. it goes on and on (like what it used tobe with P3 and P4 computers during booting). The phone has to be kicked out of this by 'just boot'ing or recovery fix.

redsnow dispaly one of these messages, 'Coudn't find shsh blobs for this ipsw...', 'The build was not recognised...".. it accepts the ios initially but later rejects it by saying something like this.

The closest to updating thru redsnow that i got was when pineapple logo blinked fora second.. more like a flash... and then redsnow said "waiting for the phone" which went on for about an hour before i kicked it out of that loop again.

So, it seems that my phone is stuck in 4.1 for ever. If theres anyone who has had a similiar problem or if somebody may know a way around this please let me know.



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Oct 24, 2012
Try from a different computer or check your hosts file and make sure apple server is in there.


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Apr 30, 2012
sure sounds like the hosts file is unable to communicate with apple servers due to tinyumbrella blocking them. youre gonna have to fix the host file before the phone will update through itunes.


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Jan 12, 2011

Hi, did you try putting the phone into dfu mode (not pwnd dfu) and restoring via itunes with a local firmware?

Also have you checked tinyumbrella and redsn0w are running with administrator rights? - You could also run them in xp compatibility mode if you're not already doing that.
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