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Jun 12, 2012
Thanks to any and all attempts to help. I searched forum and found no other problems like this.

My iPhone4 normally works fine. Sometimes, but not always, it'll just stop charging while plugged in. It'll also stop 3G and say searching, but the wifi still works. It's never turned off while plugged in. I've tried different wall chargers and usb to pc cords. Sometimes this happens, other times not and it fully charges fine.

Once this happens, when I unplug the phone it shuts right off. Usually takes a while to turn back on too.

The odd time the phone will just up and shut itself off when it's been just unplugged and working fine.

There is nothing in the iPhone diagnostics that points to a hardware problem from what I can see.

I have tried: restoring from backup, restoring from backup on a different computer, reinstalling itunes, deleting apps, wiping the phone and starting over from fresh.

The phone never used to do this and is of course beyond warranty. Apple geniuses have no clue.

Do any of you?


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Sep 14, 2012
I have been experiencing the same problem with my iphone 4 as well. have you had any luck with finding a solution?


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Mar 21, 2010
I have had this problem with my Iphone 3gs. 2 months ago all of a sudden i started not getting service and would randomly only have service for an hour throughout the day. The phone would charge on and off i would have to hold the wire a certain way. 3 weeks ago or maybe 4 i completely lost all service and it would take forever to charge the battery. Over the past month my phone now doesn't even charge and i cant even turn on the phone, mind you this phone looks brand new thanks to otterbox. I am phoneless till next friday when i get the new 1.
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