Iphone5 unlock: Am I doing it wrong?

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  1. sroche macrumors newbie

    Mar 25, 2008
    I've gone through the Archives, and spent a few weeks online, trying to figure this out. In a nutshell--

    -I got an iphone 5 as a gift from a friend of the family who has AT&T, and who got a newer IPhone a few months ago. She says she wiped it. (but not request an unlock... she has no idea about these things)
    -It's off contract
    -It's paid for
    -she is in good standing with ATT
    -Clean IMEI
    -I went thru ATT Unlock Portal and got an approval and an unlock code
    -The iTunes backup/restore didn't work
    -ATT cs-rep told me on the phone to re-apply (it seemed to be still locked)
    -I re-applied, got another approval and code

    -I've tried the backup/restore thing about twelve times over the last 3 weeks
    -I've made sure Find My IPhone was off
    -I'm using the correct SIM
    -my Tmobile SIM gets rejected by the phone

    -The ATT unlock request form DOES HAVE a provision for non-ATT customers
    -ATT cs-reps tell me different things every time, like I must be original owner(wrong), or that they have changed their policy (please, ATT, publish it?)
    or I must open an account with ATT to use this phone(wrong), or that I should re-apply again... I now have three unlock grants and an ATT status report (status: Unlocked!")

    -I use T-mobile, and they say it's locked, and I should call Apple..
    -I call Apple and they swear they have NOTHING to do with unlocks (a lie)
    -Apple charges me $30 to tell me that the IMEI shows that it is locked..
    -The Orignal owner called ATT to get through all this, and they told her to have me call them and they will unlock it for me..
    -I call the number they gave her, but no, they won't help me unlock it.

    -I used a service for about $10 and it didn't work; that guy swears it's unlocked (T mobile, Apple, and ATT say otherwise) and he won't refund me.

    -ATT cs reps have no answer for why I am getting unlock approvals if my phone is still on the unlock list; one of them said it's Apple's fault

    So.. maybe I am not "completing" the unlock process properly at home?
    Apple (for the $30 they charged me) did not exactly walk me through it.
    I explained step by step the backup/restore/whatever with them and they said I was doing it right (although I learned about turning off Find My IPhone a bit later)... I have all the instructions printed out, from Apple, ATT, and other forums online..

    Did I mess up the process early on by doing it wrong? O was I never on the Unlock list to begin with? I'm about to give up here. It's a very nice 32 gig phone, but I really don't care about it anymore. I'm about to just get a
    non-Apple, non-ATT phone and resume my life.

    -also, the more times I call ATT, the more dismissive or rude the reps become.
    They just make stuff up now.

    If I am not eligible, or there is a problem with the account-- why didn't they just deny me outright? Why all these approvals? If the original owner must fill out the ATT unlock portal form, then I'll have to wait until she gets around to it. (she thinks the whole thing is silly)

    The mystery of all this is why I can't put the thing down... I like mysteries.
    But not this one anymore. My next step is another unlock service recommended here, and I would hope that it will cost less than $100.

    Oh well.. any thoughts would be appreciated!

  2. sroche thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 25, 2008
    Seems to be fixed..

    I went ahead after my original post and went to samunlocks, and although the first try was unsuccessful, he tried it a second time and this morning
    he emailed me back telling me to start up my phone without the att sim card
    (using any other sim instead) and OH MY GOD IT'UNLOCKED!!

    He said he has recently seen a very small percentage of IMEI numbers which
    have "a sync problem between att and apple servers".

    So, thank you, samunlocks! And no thanks to att, and apple, for not helping at all, even with a service fee charged.

    I can close this post now, or call it 'solved.'

    If you have strange problems unlocking an iphone (after going thru att's free portal) then you might give sam chance. I know every forum is spammed with
    unlock services, so I am lucky that you guys recommended him here..

    It wasn't cheap, but it was less than half of what I was expecting to pay...
    that is IF any phone unlocker bothered to look into the problem.

    It seems that sam did look into it late last night, and early this morning..
    So now I have a nice phone... which I will probably drop today...

    Thank you, Mac Rumors and thanks, samunlocks!

  3. bbrks macrumors 65816


    Dec 17, 2013
    I just don't believe this story.....looks to me like advertising ......
  4. sroche thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 25, 2008

    All that long dramatic story just to promote one phone unlock guy who has been recommended on this site many times for the last two years?

    Whatever, dude.

    I only mentioned the guy by name because he was mentioned many, many times by longtime forum members. And he seemed to LOOK INTO THE PROBLEM unlike all of the other parties involved up to now.

    It's sad that some of us are so jaded that we can't see a real story for what it is anymore.

    That is all.

  5. bbrks macrumors 65816


    Dec 17, 2013
    Sorry, man, but I have personally unlocked more than 20 iPhones from AT&T, couple of years back, when AT&T started their unlocking business....it was just piece of cake....there has to be something you did wrong at the beginning, which caused all your problems after.
  6. Allthings-I macrumors 6502

    Jul 25, 2014
    Sometimes rare issues occur and do exist in the wild, I understand what your saying its like when I tried to highlight that very few Verizon iPhone's are actually locked against international use due to a issue in the activation policy being assigned to them, no one believed me, instead many came to bash me until few others came forward with their own experience to prove them otherwise.

    At the end of the day iPhones are sold in 100's of millions, some will face some issue but the general population will continue to deny their existence until one of them is the one facing such an issue.

    All in all, glad you got your issue resolved, I gave up on my Verizon thread after getting sick of people being ignorant.

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