Iphone5 zagg invisible shield problem


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Jun 13, 2012
I have these weird white smudge/bubble things all over my screen and the screen is not very responsive where they are on the screen. I actually had a guy at Best Buy put the shield on so I am not sure what the problem is. It has been about 24 hours since then. Thanks.


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Oct 10, 2012
I have the same looking bubbles. It's been three days and about half of them have gone away. I had mine done at a kiosk at the mall. The first time I had it put on-the next morning I went back and had it replaced. I hope the remaining bubbles/brownish spots go away. I have read in other threads that it takes a little time for it to dry out.If not I'm going to the HD or another option.


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Jun 21, 2009
Central, Louisiana
It took about 72 hours for mine to look really nice. I am very happy with the Zagg. I had it installed at BB and they girl that did it took her time and got about 95% of the bubble out with the squeegee. Absolutely NO impact to the response of the touch screen.

I will say this mine never looked like the pictures I am seeing. That looks like a terrible install.


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Aug 4, 2004
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I think that all film product comes with plastic bar which you can drag & squeeze to get air out during installation. did you guys use it? otherwise, bubble will be remain for a while.
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