iPhone6 yellow "bleed" around camera lens

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ssvsgod, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. ssvsgod macrumors member

    Oct 26, 2014
    Anyone notice a yellow/brown "bleed" for lack of a better word around the camera on the back of their phone? With or without a case on it I've always noticed there is this weird poop colored film that builds up around it. Can't tell if it's neglicane on my part or if it's a known problem that others have experienced
  2. MothJab macrumors newbie

    Oct 23, 2014
    Hey. I've had 5 white iPhone 6 as replacements and they have all had this issue. One device was so bad I could actually tell what was happening was backlight bleed near my dark spots.

    Take a look at this thread.


    I currently have a case open with customer relations with photos logging my issues. Our plan is to replace my current device come the first of the year to see if the issue has been taken care of.

    Beyond that you should generally notice a yellow tint to your screen. A lot of people would tell you that its normal but i assure you that it is not. The other option is to jailbreak and use the color profiles tweak whenever that is released to make the screen temp cool.
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    Feb 4, 2010
    Made me giggle when you said the word, "poop color." #
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    Oct 6, 2014
  5. Gathomblipoob macrumors 601


    Mar 18, 2009
    Better get these, then.

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  6. kepler20b macrumors 6502

    Oct 18, 2014
    Yup. I had a yellow spot on the top left of my display, albeit not the camera.

    I noticed it on the second day and just returned it and picked up a new +. The display gods were kind to me and I scored a perfect display on my second try

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