iPhone's lithium battery - calibration?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by micqo, Feb 28, 2016.

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    This might be a stupid question, just wondering. In years past calibrating the battery was recommended. What about the now days. Does a new iPhone's like 6s to battery calibration?

    I just read Apple site and I did not see any mention of the calibration… just charge whenever you like.

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    You don't need to calibrate anymore. Some swear by it, but it's not really recommended.
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    I would not worry about it unless you are having a problem. I have not had to calibrate for years now and not a problem.
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    By discharging and fully charging once every four to six months you calibrate the percentage software readout to the current battery capacity.

    You are NOT calibrating the battery. Li Ion batteries do not take a set, do not need calibration. After about 500 cycles, battery will retain about 80% of original capacity.

    If you want the battery to last 8 to 10 years, charge at 40% and stop at 80%. Of course that requires you to be a bit insane. As who keeps the phone for 10 years.

    Charge the phone when it's low, use the phone and charge again. Don't worry about conserving the battery for the third owner. If the battery goes bad early, and a small number will, take it to Apple and they put a new one in.

    Just don't leave the phone in a hot car. That will destroy the battery wether on or off. Heat kills Li-Ion batteries.
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