iPhones wont detect SIM minutes after it was fine??

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    I feel like it's nothing but problems lately.

    On the back of my previous thread i was setting a new iPhone up ready for jailbreaking.

    I couldn't find the SIM release key so used a paper clip, not sure if this is going to be the cause.

    Anyway, SIM was working perfectly fine in my 4S & when i put it in the 5 it worked in that perfectly fine yesterday too.

    Take the SIM out tonight, put in the 5 & it says no SIM. Put it back in the 4S - & that now says no SIM also.

    I've YouTubed some videos on how to fix it - nothing works. One was interesting - said the release tab inside could be shorting it. I don't know if this is accurate or not.

    It'll be tomorrow dinner time before i can get to the store to try a new SIM (i don't have one spare & anyone who would have one has gone out the house).

    Off this limited information what would you think? On the one hand i think i must've broken both phones, but surely that's unlikely to break them both at the same time, plus i used a paper clip yesterday. But why would a SIM be working one minute & then literally a minute later the phone wont accept it?
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