iPhot - importing library form one iMac to another - problems with faces and rotation

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    Sep 24, 2010

    I have spent ages sorting out my photo library (>7000 photos) using iPhoto '11 - and now have all of them on one iMac - correctly labelled, correctly oriented (with portrait shots the right way up!) - and importantly I have all of the faces catalogued with no issues or missing pictures etc.

    So now I want to import the entire library to another iMac (same spec and also running iPhoto '11) - so that my wife can have "slideshow" running, view the pictures, but most importantly - acting as a back up to the main library.

    I have been using the "Import" function on the second iMac to import the pictures form the main library. It won't allow me to select the iPhoto library folder in the "Pictures" folder - so I have been selecting the entire "Pictures" folder and importing that.

    The problems are that :

    1) It doesn't seem to retain the existing file or event names (gives them all a long number)

    2) It doesn't retain all of the orientation work i have done so a lot of them are the wrong way up!

    3) It doesn't bring the faces function over - meaning I would have to invest loads of hours to go through that again!! (Hope not!)

    So anyone tell me how I create an exact REPLICA of my main library - but on the second machine - with the right file names, right orientation and the faces all stored???

    Any help gratefully received!!!

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    Sep 24, 2010

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