iPhoto '06 and the Adjustment Panel

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by simX, Feb 15, 2006.

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    So I installed iPhoto '06 on my mom's G3 iBook using Pacifist. (I had to use Pacifist because iPhoto isn't technically allowed to be installed on G3s anymore, unfortunately. It works fine, albeit a bit slow -- but that's always been the case with iPhoto on her computer.)

    The problem is the adjustment panel -- it's only showing brightness and contrast adjustments, but there should be tint, exposure, straightening, sharpening adjustments as well. I can't seem to figure out why not.

    When I first installed it via Pacifist, iPhoto would crash when attempting to edit photos, and I realized that I hadn't installed a required framework via Pacifist. (The installer "AppleAppSupport.pkg" inside "iLife '06 Registration.pkg" rectified that.) But I don't know where the resources for the extra adjustment effects are.

    Does anyone know? Anybody else done the installation on a G3 and have the same problem?
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    I think those only show if your machine is CoreImage compatable to a given level (i.e. has a GPU capable of the effects). Whilst Apple could have chosen to allow the effects to fall back to the CPU I don't think they did.
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    Limited Adjustments for G3

    I had this happen on my old iBook when I upgraded to iLife 05 last year. The robust adjustment panel only appears if you have a G4, G5, Intel. There is no way around this. Trust me I tried for a long time.

    I personally find the update to iLife near pointless if you are on a G3.

    Sorry to bear the bad news.

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