iPhoto 08 vs. Photoshop Elements 6.0

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by phalewhale, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. phalewhale macrumors 6502a


    Jun 10, 2007
    Hey all,

    I'm currently using iPhoto to manage all of my photos. For what I do, iPhoto is OK most of the time. However, there are times when I can't do something, for instance, well actually I can't think right now but there have been times like that.

    Anyway, the purpose of this thread is to serve as a comparison between iPhoto and the new Photoshop elements. I did STF to find something similar but could only find a comparison between aperture and elements, or older versions of PSE - not really what I'm after.

    So, iPhoto vs. Photoshop Elements. What's the opinion out there.
  2. heySparky macrumors regular


    Mar 8, 2007
    It's going to be hard to make a comparison between the two since PSE6 won't be released until April 1.

    With that said, I think you'll find the comparisons between iPhoto and previous versions of PSE to be worth a look. I don't think there will be enough changes made to PSE in version 6 to make a huge amount of difference when comparing it to iPhoto.
  3. yippy macrumors 68020


    Mar 14, 2004
    Chicago, IL
    I would use them together. iPhoto is good for very basic things but sometimes your editing needs more power. In that case you can set iPhoto to edit pictures in an external editor.

    That way you use iPhoto to manage them and PSE to edit them. Best of both worlds!
  4. kuwisdelu macrumors 65816

    Jan 13, 2008
    I agree with yippy. iPhoto is the best photo manager and organizer I've used (I haven't tried Aperture or anything like that), and makes organizing photos something I actually bother with. I never did before. But that said, it's very lacking in editing power, which isn't its primary purpose, so that's understandable.

    Use iPhoto to organize.

    Use Photoshop to edit.

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