iPhoto 11 and Faces issue?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by illegalprelude, Oct 31, 2010.

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    Hey everybody. I did the transition to iPhoto 11 after the update was issued and the only problem I've noticed so far is with Faces. Before, I had a smart album that showed me all the unnamed faces. I know prior to upgrading, I had tagged and removed all the faces, so that album should have been empty. Well, it detects about 20 photos and I went through them all and they had tagged faces. No problem I said, probably a bad Smart Album data.

    I deleted the smart album, made a new one and the same issue. In a photo that has 2 people in it, it days the 2 peoples names and then suddenly 7 untagged faces. Again no problem but I don't see where these faces are so I can uncheck them. I even tried removing the tags from the current people and then trying it again (and sometimes, it piles up faces on top of each other) but no go. Anybody else having issues with faces?
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    Yes! I have a MASSIVE problem with faces.

    It seems to have done the same as you said, stacked untagged faces on top of ones I already have tagged. Some of them are group photos, and it's very hard to find the untagged faces when they are stacked on top of or below tagged faces.

    I have about 10k photos, and it's only got 300 with untagged faces, but some of these are wedding photos with 50+ people in. *sigh*

    I hate upgrades sometimes

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