iPhoto 11: Simply retarded or is it me?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by MacBoobsPro, Nov 1, 2010.

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    Can someone please explain how the •••• you assign places to photos?

    I've spent over 30 minutes trying and it simply will not do what i tell it!

    Why have they changed it yet again? It was simple before now you can only make changes in the crappy little tiny window. Yet provide a full screen map that only allows you to view the pins?! Surely this should be the other way round?

    I have a set of images I want to add to a specific place and it simply will not assign the place. Theres stupid little arrows all over the place. If you click one thinking its going to give you options to set a place it whisks you off to the main map where you cant do anything. Whats the point? You then have to go back to the photos you want reselect them and click places again to try and figure it out. If one image already has a place set in a selection of images you cannot override that place to set all the others that are selected. It really is retarded.

    Also why can you only confirm faces 3 at a time? When you have 300 images it takes forever. Also the face recognition algorithm seems to be worse than before too because I have no end of images that are clearly not faces. It was never as bad as that before.

    How can I see a screen full of images like before and double click to confirm or correct? And how do I draw a box around a face before?

    iPhoto 11 is yet another huge step backwards by Apple. They really are slipping in many, many areas. Infact they are getting on my nerves now and Im beginning to see them as Microsoft a few years ago - producing crap!

    If Windows wasn't so •••• I'd seriously think about going back!

    Apologies for the language and tone but I'm seriously pissed off right now!

    I hope someone can explain iPhoto to me because the help section is as complicated as the program itself and explains nothing. Just telling you to go here, go there and not actually tell you anything.
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    Not sure if you have worked out, I assume so.

    You need to type the place in that tiny window, if it does not show up then either get the lat/lon coordinates from Google and plonk them in there, or find a place near by. Then move the pin to the exact location. The redesign is horrid of the Info panel and is, quite frankly pathetic who ever did this. They did not think about it at all. Even trying to apply faces is more tedious than it should be. Double clicking things simply makes them scroll up or down - what a stupid idea.

    As a software developer, I am appalled at the way this has been implemented.
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    Click photo, click Info, bottom of right rail is a map. There's a button "Assign a Place ..." Click the text, NOT the arrow going to the right. If you click the text, you can type in where you want to place the photo. If you click the arrow, you go to the big map.

    I agree with you, the map isn't very useful, unless you want to marvel at all the places you've been. And there doesn't seem to be an easy way to get back to the photo you've been editing. There should be something analogous to a browser's back button.

    Can't help you here. I just did 125.

    It worked pretty good on my end. Easily picked out my daughter's face, from when she was very young to today (late teens). Some false positives, including my wife and a friend others think is her sister.

    Click "Add a face" It'll put the box where it wants to, but you can move it.


    P.S. Sorry, didn't realize post was five months old.

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