iPhoto 5 quicktime movie export question


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May 18, 2003
This is killing me. There are two ways to export movies in iPhoto 5, one is to create a slide show and export it, and the other is to select photos or an album, and click on share and it gives you the option to export the photos, a website, or a quicktime movie. It has the option to "add currently selected music to movie"... for the love of me I can't figure out how to choose the piece of music to use... right now it's not including anything when it exports it. I can choose the music with the slideshow fine and that exports... I feel dumb, help!


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Nov 14, 2005
I thought I was the only one stumped by this issue - apparently not!

I'm using iPhoto 5 and couldn't figure out how to "select" my music either.

While the answer isn't on this web page, the closest reference I can find is in a book called The Little iMac Book, 3rd Edition (ISBN: 0321116305):

7. Music: Click "Add currently selected music to movie." The slide show will play whatever piece of music you last chose in the Preferences window (as explained on page 275).
I went to Preferences... and have no idea what the author is talking about.

Any chance someone can go to a local Borders bookstore (I'm in Thailand) and check out what it says on p. 275? (Book ain't in Google Book Search :rolleyes: )

In the meantime, the option that does work (export slideshow) may be the best option if it's important that iPhoto adjust the length between photos to fit the music. It is my understanding the 2nd method will cut music off abruptly.

Can't verify this until we figure out how to get this method to work! :)


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Feb 21, 2009
iphoto music quicktime

I looked everywhere and found the answer ! not really intuitive that program ....

in an Iphoto album or project of your choice (NOT in the slideshow section) , when you look at the bottom left of your screen you have several Icons : a plus sign, an i for information, a double arrow and a single "play" arrow. Click on the play arrow. select music tab, select your music and don't forget to press the save button. and then file>export>quicktime tab etc... Really a neat quickely achieved little slideshow in 1024 * 786 of a 100 pics + music of 13 MB !
Brilliant !


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Jun 29, 2009
Getting iPhoto to export to Quicktime with decent quality photos, plus music

Thanks a million for that Prinou - I've been trying to get a slideshow and music presentation created of our recent trip for showing to a large group using a big projector, but I gave up on creating a slideshow with iPhoto and exporting that, as the resulting quicktime movie took ages to process, and the photos (10 hours of editing) ended up looking dreadful, like 300 kb email quality ones.

I've been trying everything to discover what the "currently selected" audio track is when exporting my album of 400 photos to Quicktime. The little play arrow at bottom left of the screen!

So exporting an album to quicktime, choosing 1440 and 1080 as the size, and using the currently selected music track (using the sneaky little arrow) looks like it'll do the trick.

After a bit of head scratching I found a way to get the composite audio track I'd created for the slideshow to show up in the iPhoto list when choosing music (no browse button!)
I opened iTunes, clicked add to library, browsed to the file, then once iTunes had it I dragged it into the list of folders on the left of the iTunes window. When I went back to choose music in iPhoto, it found my track.

Later... Hmm.. Still can't get the movie to include the music track... Looks good, in a silent sort of way...
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