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    Jul 24, 2009
    my iphoto library on my imac consists of multiple libraries dating back to 1997, most of which were placed there by drag and drop (i know that is bad to do now). some of my photos tabs show up as dashed boxes, when clicked on under events, or photos, they will appear, however when clicked on under an album, a very big gray pixelated exclamation mark appears as if it was the photo. when i 'show the package contents' of the library under finder, i can find and succesfully open the file. how can i fix the dashed box problem, and then how can i fix the mess that drag and drop has created without loosing album organiztion?

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    Jul 24, 2009
    i've been xploring iphoto and have discovered that only a few of my albums have the exclamation mark, others will show the picture when clicked on
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    iPhoto can't find the pictures. That's why you're not supposed to manually manage your pictures. If you move them around you **** the whole system.

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