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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by AlmostThere, Nov 29, 2005.

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    1) In iTunes I want to print a cover for the back of a jewel case, i.e. so that it includes the spine (and I can read it on a shelf). Does anyone know what the settings for this are? Failing that is there some app (I would hope free considering the limited use) that will size album art appropriately?

    Similar question for printing DVD cases in iMovie (but plastic full height ones), while I am at it. Coming up to Christmas it would be nice to make a couple of holiday movies for relatives in a nice case etc.

    2) In iPhoto can I jump directly to the file (from a right click as in iTunes, "Show File in Finder")? I am trying to use it to manage a number of images. Another (related) issue is trying to get an option for how to edit an image in an external app e.g. Photoshop, GraphicConverter. I would go through the file, right click and select "Open with..." but am limited in easily getting to the file. iPhoto seems to offer the choice of only one app as the editor, not to mention the irritation of starting up a massive app when I only want to change the format or apply a filter.

    Also, can I get the film rolls listed in the left hand library pane ("Source")?

    Thanks :)
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    1. I know OmniGraffle has an iTunes script for printing jewel cases with a bit more control than iTunes print function. I tried it a while back but I cannot rememberif it also printed the spine. Edit: Link :)

    2. iPhoto preferences -> General

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    1) You can't do that in iTunes. You can either buy custom software that prints that or you could make your own using Pages or Photoshop or Word. It's a bit of a hassle but just measure the dimensions. iTunes is fine for a quick CD.

    2) Seemingly not, but I wish that they made some of iPhoto's features more in line with iTunes. You can drag a photo to the desktop (or any folder) but that will create a copy. What you can do though is Spotlight the filename of the photo to find it easily. It's a hassle but iPhoto's organisation is not so good. You can drag individual photos to any editing program in the dock and it will open for editing in that program (this works for opening other files in Mac OS X as well). As for film roles in the left hand source pane, I don't think so (other than last roll) but you could create an Automator action for this I'm sure or do this manually with each roll. Submit feedback to Apple and they might add these features in a future release.
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    Thanks, downloading the OmniGraffle templates and will check out them out soon.

    I already have Photoshop set up for double click, it is really irritating to have it start up (zzzzzzz) when all I want is to convert the file into some other format or use one of one of our in-house apps for image processing (mostly thin Cocoa wrappers around command line apps - I appreciate jumping to Terminal is not a common requirement though).

    Good enough, cheers.
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    OmniGraffle thing looks pretty good ... couple of tweaks here and there needed also lots of potentially useful stuff on that site for this under used (by me) freebie.

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