iPhoto and iTunes support = nonexistant.


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Aug 17, 2003
Boston, MA
Is anyone else really annoyed that Apple provides support for iPhoto and iTunes purchase through email only? I purchased an iPod Shuffle for my friend Nicola, and the following day I bought an iTMS gift certificate which was supposed to be electronically delivered to my brother Bijan's email address for his birthday. I received confirmations for both orders, and these confirmation emails have the correct info (ie, Shuffle to be shipped to Nicola's address and certificate to be delivered to my brother's email). The next email I got was a notice that the gift certificate had been shipped to Nicola's address! I immediately called Apple, who informed me that the only support for an iTunes/iTMS gift certificate is through email/web. I submitted this issue via their "support" webpage, and I haven't heard back in the past 2 days. Meanwhile, my brother's birthday has come and gone. My brother has confirmed that he never got anything in the mail. I'm sure Nicola will receive the certificate any day, and I will have to tell him it wasn't meant for him. I buy iLife, .Mac, iWork, and on average 1 iPod per year. I also purchased a new Powerbook and convinced my parents to buy a G5 Powermac. I also got my brother to get a 15" Powerbook, and my family owns 7 iPods in total. It really angers me that I can't get someone from Apple to address this on the phone with me.

I had a similar issue recently with iPhoto. I ordered a book. After my purchase, the book displayed differently on my Powerbook - with portions of pictures missing as I reported in this thread. I emailed Apple about this problem, concerned that the book would arrive with the chopped off pics. I received first a seemingly automated reply that asked for more details, even though my initial email was adequately detailed, including a screenshot of the problem. I wrote back again, and received another stupid reply. We went back and forth, each email less helpful that the last. Each time, I requested that a human call me on my cell phone, but no one from Apple ever called. They actually had the nerve to tell me in an email that they could not see the screenshot when I provided them with a url/link that anyone with web access could see. As a matter of fact, if I click on the link in the quoted text in their reply, it takes me to the screenshot on every computer I have tested (4 work computers and two at home).

It seems Apple's strategy for responding to support emails from loyal customers is to stall with dumb responses until one can't take it anymore and quits pestering them. I think Apple makes the coolest stuff. I'm going to give a presentation at work tomorrow using the Tectile theme on Keynote 2, and I gave an informal talk yesterday, straight from my iPod Photo, and it was great. Despite all this, I may have to stop giving them money and making converts, just on principle. I'm just glad this all happened in time to prevent me from buying Motion and Final Cut HD. This is no way to treat a customer. I've never dealt with HP or Dell customer support, but it can't be worse than this.


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Mar 16, 2004
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Wow. That sucks. I'm lucky to have had no real problems with Apple, and the problems I have had have been resolved. I think the iTMS support is particularly lacking - someone at work was complaining about a similar problem just this afternoon.


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Apr 12, 2004
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I had a problem with the iTMS and went to the discussion boards at apple.com (Support, pick your program, discussions). I got my answer pretty quickly. It was a pretty complicated problem, too. I was surprised how knowledgable they were.

Also, you might try going to your local Apple store and explaining your problem to a genius.
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