iPhoto and iWeb.. give me back my sanity!

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by zim, Jul 27, 2006.

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    Jan 5, 2002
    Has sharing photos become more of a time involving event? I recall prior to iLife 06 (I recently upgraded), that publishing photos into a template based .mac format took me about 5 min, give or take, but now with the new iLife 06 I find that it is taking 10+ min (if lucky). I also suddenly feel lost.. do I make a photocast, photo page, or go back to making my own layouts? ugh!

    Share your experiences with me because I suddenly feel like there is not enough time and that iLife is sucking me dry when it comes to wanting to share some photos with family and friends. I preferred not having to think and although I like iPhoto and iWeb on their own, I feel together they complicate what was a simple point and click process.

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    Agreed. Sure, iWeb offers many more features than the old Homepage system, but Apple needs to iron out some of its problems such as slowness and unreliability.
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    I was surprised and disappointed by that too. Even though I like using iWeb, I didn't want to publish a page of photos with it. All I wanted was the old .Mac style and be done with it.

    To get them to my old .Mac account, I had to drag the photos into a new folder under Pictures (on my iDisk) and then create a page out of it in the Homepage editor. How convoluted is that? At least give me the option: plain .Mac page or iWeb.

    Maybe Apple's forcing everyone to go through iWeb just so they see how great it is (and it really is). Maybe I'll have to bring all my old .Mac pages into my iWeb site eventually. All I do know for sure is that publishing photos now with iLife '06 has more choice and pizazz than I actually need sometimes.
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    I think that best sums it up. I just want to post a quick photo page but instead I am forced to make decisions beyond picking out the photos... I do like iWeb, very much, in fact I moved my portfolio site over to it... which I have been made fun of because I know how to code. Overall I am merely frustrated because I can't easily get going here and I have family and friends wondering why I have not been posting new photos.

    Thanks for the responses :)

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