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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by hokietoner, Oct 15, 2007.

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    Aug 7, 2007
    I'm having a strange issue where iphoto and preview are stretching my photos out way too large when I click "actual size". I first started noticing pictures that were sent to me were very pixelated when viewed as the actual size, but when I zoomed out it became clear. I then started looking at some of my other photos, and realized they also were blurry when viewed at actual size. I have the new iMac and am a fairly new mac user, although my wife isn't new. The pictures I have were from my old linux box but were created by my digital camera. I can tell that it's stretching out the pictures too much because my display is 1680x1050. These photos are 2048x1536. When I view them full size and stretch the window as large as the screen, I can only see about 60% of the width of the picture, but if I'm actually seeing about 1680 of the 2048 pixels in the width, I should be able to see about 80% of the picture. There is no photo that I have so far viewed actual that hasn't been pixely. Also, this happens with photos from two different cameras. So far, I noticed a screenshot png I took does not have this problem, but almost everything else does.

    Also, many of the pictures I've imported into iphoto are not viewable full-size. The thumbnail shows up, but when you double click on it to expand, you just get a circle with a ! in the middle. One album that we imported was fixed when we re-imported the pictures. Maybe I'll have to do this with the rest of my pictures.
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    iPhoto and Preview respect the DPI setting within the image and therefore display the "correct" sized image. So if an image claims to be 144dpi and your screen is 72dpi (this is the magic number that Apple tend to use) then iPhoto and Preview will either display an image half the size you expect, or twice the size. I can't quite work out which.

    You can tell Preview to ignore the DPI setting in the image in the Images tab of Preview preferences by unticking the box at the bottom labelled Respect image DPI for "Actual Size".

    I don't know if you can do the same thing in iPhoto: I use Aperture.

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