iPhoto, Aperture? Lost with IP.

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by rboseley, Oct 21, 2011.

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    New to Mac and iPhoto. The first time I loaded about 2000 pics into the iPhoto library - I was lost. Events? I could find nothing, and when I did - and made adjustments - how was I to save the updated photo and replace the original? I admit I simply have not had time to run any of the tutorials. Question: Is iPhoto notorious for being difficult to manage? A friend - an old Mac user - suggests I get Aperture 3 and forget IP. I can get it for about half off. I also have Photo Shop Elements 9.

    Leaving in am month for a month - and expect to shoot at least 3000 pics. I will transfer to Mac using Nikon software. Where will they go? How can I direct them and put them in neat little folders by location? I don’t want to screw this up - so any input you may have will be appreciated. :confused:
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    I'm an amateur photographer, and I just switched to Aperture. I prefer it's organization tools and the general layout over iPhoto. Aperture has many more tools as well.
    The images from your Nikon will go wherever you tell the software to put them. Note where they go and have Aperture import the folder, done!
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    This. No need to even use the Nikon software - Aperture works without it using just the USB cable from your camera. Or alternatively via the built-in SD card adapter (if your model has one), or a USB card reader.

    Just a general photography tip - I'd shoot in RAW if you don't mind larger stored file sizes. Aperture has great RAW editing features, and RAW contains much more of the original stored optical data than JPEG. This results in greater editing capabilities.

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