iPhoto backup and sharing combo?

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    Dec 9, 2010
    Hello all

    I have tried to find a solution to this little problem of mine but found no good advice out there. I ask humbly for your experienced advice.

    I sit on a Macbook pro and have a NAS (synology) setup in my home network. I use a PS3 and media extender Tvix HD n1 to fetch photos and video from the NAS (for presentation on TV).

    I always sync/copy photos from my DSLR to my iPhoto library. As these are precious, I also want them backed up together with the rest of my docs. The obvious solution is to use TimeMachine which I already do. However I also want to be able to access the photos on the NAS from other devices, as mentioned above. Today I have disabled timemachine backup of the iPhoto library, and instead manually copy photoalbums to the NAS. This is inconvenient and not very reliable.

    How do you advice to set up my system as to enable both systematic backup and access of photos? It is of course my wish to avoid having both timemachine backup of the library and the photos copied separately to the NAS.

    Greatful for advice and thoughts on this.
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