iPhoto backup - LOTS of pics


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Jan 8, 2009
Jacksonville Beach, FL, USA
I use iPhoto to manage my work and personal photos... and it works well. BUT... It's getting a little bogged down with 64k photos. Also, I have the BULK of my photos on 2012 mini with 1TB drive and backup to an external.

As mentioned in another post, that's really the only reason I have the Mini. There doesn't seem to be a cloud solution for this quantity of photos (one system quoted a year to upload). I'm really feeling post-external-drive... and the mini just seems like an extra "thing" to care for and feed.

What I would like - is to have just two machines. Main mbp and backup / smaller mba for the road / starbuck's / backup / etc. But the large photo file is the deal breaker.

Plus... I admit... I'm a data packrat. I have tens of thousands of archived emails... might also be an issue.

Any insight and suggestions will be most appreciated.