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    Im going to make an iphoto book for my summer trip. I have iphoto 6.
    First off, i would like any suggestions for making my book. I have made one before in iphoto 5 for my last summer, and it came out really well, just the quality of some pictures were not great, and I wish i would have added captions for a lot of the pictures because i do not remember where i was.

    I know that in iphoto 6 the pictures should come out better.

    So any suggestions or comments, and how can i make the book so a lot of the pages have text? I know one layout on each of the samples have text, but i would just like a msall caption under each, saying like this is this statue of david or something..
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    Dec 28, 2004
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    Select a page and then change the page type to include text using the button that looks like the attached image.

    Not all themes have text options for all numbers of pictures on the page. The travel theme, for instance, only has text options for pages with two or four pictures on.

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