iPhoto cannot import from Canon eos 500d

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by jsmelander, May 9, 2009.

  1. jsmelander macrumors newbie

    Dec 8, 2008
    Cph, DK
    Hi Guys

    Hope someone here can offer some help. I've just purchased a Canon eos 500D, and I can only import into Canon's own Imagebrowser. Neither iPhoto, Aperture nor Photoshop will open the files.

    I'd like to be able to import and organize in iPhoto and edit in Photoshop.

    Has anyone experienced a similar problem or are able to offer a solution, I'd be very grateful.

    I run OSX 10.5.6, Aperture 2.1.3, iPhoto 8.0.2 and Photoshop CS4.
    Camera firmware is 1.0.9

  2. 147798 Suspended

    Dec 29, 2007
    Do you mean open and see the camera, or open the files? What if you put the card in a card reader, download to the desktop and then open them? Also, have you tried launching the Mac's Image Capture application? Finally, are you talking RAW or jpg or movie file?
  3. tejota1911 macrumors 6502

    Nov 10, 2006
    Where you shooting in RAW? I remember when I first switched from JPEG to RAW, I had to download an update from "Software Update" that added support for RAW files.
  4. mojohanna macrumors 6502a


    Jul 7, 2004
    Yes, definitely check the software update. They are always adding support for RAW when the new cameras come out.
  5. jsmelander thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 8, 2008
    Cph, DK
    thnx for the answers:)

    Yes, I'm shooting in RAW - but that shouldn't be the problem. Did so too with my eos 400D, and they went into iPhoto, no sweat.

    But I should elaborate: when I connect the camera I can see it in the left hand sidebar of iPhoto and I can see previews of the images. When I hit "import" it starts importing, but when it's supposed to be done, I get a list of all the files saying they couldn't be imported.

    I've tried image capture, and I can get them on the desktop or whereever - but I cannot open them in either iPhoto, Aperture, Photoshop or Preview. As stated, I can only view and edit them in the Canon software that came with the camera.

    Should notice of course, that I updated all apps, firmware and OS as soon as I noticed the problem:)

    It is rather strange:confused:
  6. wheelhot macrumors 68020

    Nov 23, 2007
    It is likely Apple haven't issue yet an update compatibility for 500D and D5000 (damn, its getting confusing with both having 'D' and 5 in it and the only difference is a single '0')

    Same as photoshop though, guess you have to wait till the respective companies issues software update to address the compatibility :rolleyes:

    I think this problem only applies to RAW images? Jpeg should be fine
  7. toxic macrumors 68000

    Nov 9, 2008
    every time a new camera is released, RAW converters need to be updated in order to recognize that camera's files. i don't believe there have been any updates yet, so all you can do is wait.
  8. AlaskaMoose macrumors 65816

    Apr 26, 2008
    That's probably what the problem is. However, for the time being you can use the Canon software to download the photos, post process with PSE (or PhotoShop), save them to TIFF format, and import them to iPhoto. You can also process them with the Canon software, and save them to TIFF or JPEG. I prefer TIFF because it does not compress the image or degrades it in any way.
  9. jsmelander thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 8, 2008
    Cph, DK
    Well, just shot some jpgs and iPhoto did import this time.
    guess you were right about the problem being no current raw-support, then.
    But it's a bummer it applies to photoshop too. Well, will just have to wait, then.

    Thanks for the help and suggestions.:)
  10. NeGRit0 macrumors 6502a


    Apr 19, 2008
    Las Vegas, Nv
    Yeah, i would suggest using the software provided by Canon if you need those RAWS before Apple gets in gear. For a long while i scoffed at the supplied software, until one day i was cleaning up and found the disk still in it sleeve. I figured i would at least check it out. Surprisingly, its quite effective. Obviously its not PS or CS4, but it certainly can get the job done.

    -My $0.02
  11. AlaskaMoose macrumors 65816

    Apr 26, 2008
    Adobe may have an update at their web site (?).
  12. gbaratta macrumors newbie

    May 13, 2009
    I had the same problem as you.
    I bought a new 500D (great camera by the way!) and can't open RAW files on any application in my Mac.

    Canon usually update Firmwares for its cameras and that should solve our problem. Keep track of this site:

    At this exact moment there isn't any new update.

    I called Canon support and they teached me something that helps:
    - Import RAW files from camera using EOS Utility software (provided with camera)
    - Open files on Digital Photo Professional (provided with camera)
    - Click once on pictures' thumbnails to select RAW files you want, then go on Tools, and click "Transfer to Photoshop".

    That was the only way I actually managed to import RAW files to Photoshop.
    Hope it helped!
  13. akadmon Suspended

    Aug 30, 2006
    New England
    There is a long thread on Adobe forums about this very subject, with several Canon techs actively taking part:


    BTW, T1i is the US name for 500D.

    The short of it is: don't expect raw support for this camera in PS & LR for at least several months.

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