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    When I click a photo on my iPhone and then look it up on my Mac (using iPhoto), the photo can be found in two places: it can be found in my iPhoto library as well as in the iCloud photostream (ref:http://imgur.com/qJ6hiMQ.png).

    If I delete the photo from iCloud it's still there in the iPhoto library, and if I delete the photo from my library it's still there in iCloud. What's the best way to completely delete a photo from iCloud as well as from all of my devices? For example, if I'm taking photos of a party / vacation / other event, I usually take about 100 photos and then I delete about 75 of them. It's quite inconvenient for me to delete 75 photos from iCloud, then delete them from my iPhoto library, and then delete them from my iPhone's camera roll. Isn't there a simpler way of doing this?

    Thanks very much in advance to anybody who can answer this question for me. Cheers!
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    There is not really a better way to delete both. You can however change an iPhoto pref setting that auto imports Photostream photos into the library.

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