iphoto events or events in imovie09?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by imacyoda, Mar 27, 2009.

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    Mar 26, 2009
    Hello all

    This is my very first post here so please go easy if I'm going over old ground. I am a new convert to mac and wow am I pleased I made the jump. It's like the thrill of getting my first PC all over again. In those days my PC worked, didn't crash and seemed to do all I wanted...things have changed somewhat!

    Anyway for the first time I've been able to do some proper video editing but I'm a bit confused in some areas. The first question I have is should I use iPhoto events or iMovie events (09 versions)? When I booted up I read everything into iPhotos (wey hey worked brilliantly!). This was great cos I've got related videos and photos in individual event folders.

    When I started up imovies I could see all my video in the 'iphoto videos' part of the 'Event Library' frame. However you can also import 'Events'. Any reason I should do this? Isn't this just duplication? Wouldn't it just be the same working from my 'iPhotos videos'?

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    Mar 26, 2009
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    patience, grasshopper. You generally have to wait until West coast people come home from work. Then you get a slew of responses. ( not everyone can post on forums at work )

    You question is kind of odd though... I don't have imovie 09 so I don't quite know if what you're talking about is an 09 thing, or what. You can't actually edit movies in iPhoto itself per se.... if you want to do any editing, or effects or uploading to youtube, or sending to iDVD you'll need to use iMovie.

    Oh wait I think I know what you're asking... yes the "iphoto events" is just there as a convenience... ifyou have a camera that takes stills and movies, and you imported the movies into iPhoto and wonder where they are.
    If you are using a video camera, I would import them directly with iMovie and not into iPhoto. It is duplicating your effort, and quite possibly duplicating the video storage size.

    Hope that helps!
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    Mar 26, 2009
    Cheers huntercr

    I know I must learn patience...but it is hard obi-wan.

    I think you have it though. Most of the video I take is on my canon S5 IS camera and mobile phone. I loved the way iPhoto grouped it all automatically into events so that in one folder I had all the photos and VGA video from my Canon and then all the photos and vid from my phone for one day out. That's great for viewing.

    But then I had some video on VHS which I digitised. So I thought...what am I going to do with these huge 3 hr video files. So again I imported them into iPhoto so they are all in the same place as my other video. Later I intend to split them up into events so that they will fit around all the other events I have in iPhoto. Tidy.

    When it comes to making a music video though in iMovie09 that's when the dilema comes. Yes there is the 'iphoto videos' folder but there's also the 'Imovie events'. As it stands all my video is in 'iPhoto' so to keep the benefit of having all the photos and vid for an event in the same folder I assume its best to just keep them there and never import directly into iMovie (as you say that'd be duplication of using storage space).

    I suppose what I was asking was is this so off the wall? Is it inefficient or something?

    One thing I have noticed though is that the audio disappears from time to time when previewing in the viewing area (although it's still there when a clip is moved to the project area). maybe this is a problem with having all my video in iPhoto.

    Hmmmmmm. Gone on a bit there. Talking it through helps though!

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