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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by billmister, Oct 11, 2007.

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    Sep 15, 2007
    Hey everyone!

    Well i'm used to iphoto. Before i used iphoto, i would creat folders of family, vacations, cars, etc... within the "picture" folder and store my pics inside. Untill lately i decided to put everything into iphoto.

    I recently (last night or today at 1am) put in my osx disc to start up, formated and reinstalled everything since i am waiting for leopard and now that i have experience in mac, i want to start a clean slate.

    Anyway i purchased a 500gig external hard drive and it is now storing all of my videos, movies, and documents.

    So Now that my os is reinstalled with the software I want, i passed over my documents and now i'm holding off on my music and pics.

    I need help in.
    1)i want iphoto to manage my pictures from now on. I want to stay away from the finder. Having an external hard drive, what would be the BEST option for me to set it up? I haven't started iphoto yet untill i consulted with you guys yet, as i feel really comfortable with your comments and advise.

    2)I read a post where a user upgraded or has iphoto 08'. I am really interested in purchasing that, BUT one thing that came to mind is, when i'm online and need to upload a pic, you get the "locate" screen where i usually went to user\picture\etc... But will it let me choose from my iphoto? I have iphoto 06 or 07 don't remember (purchased my computer last november).

    3)upgrading to iphoto 08, will that cause problems for me to upload pics online like say, myspace?

    4)I guess what i purchased my external hard drive is because with me going to purchase leopard and needing space for time machine, i decided i would create a volume of about 200gigs from my external hard drive for time machine, and the other 300gig, i want to use to keep my original music, video's and pictures. BUT i don't really mind having my pic directory for iphoto in my home directory (internal hard drive).

    Total i have 150gig on my hard drive. I have used 13gigs. I always like to know how much i have and i do a great job managing my space. But i was wondering what would be the right way to manage this with having my original pics and stuff on my external and using iphoto for managing it. I think by letting iphoto take charge of my pics it compresses it (i think) so keeping that compressed iphoto folder in my internal drive isn't a problem. Plain and simple, i want iphoto to store my pics within it's own folder and i want to manage everything thru iphoto, BUT i want to keep all the originals in the external within folders.

    Once i figure this out, i'll do the same with itunes, since they are about the same.

    OHHH and last (sorry). When i close (red x) the itunes it closes but stays running on my dock (little black triangle). The same with ms word, or most if not all applications, unless i when to file>close... or file>exit. How come when i click the red x on iphoto it closes it up?...

    Thank you
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    Sep 15, 2007

    Well guys i'm back... I answered my own question, with the use of the help within iphoto, itunes, and of course the search function from here.

    What i did was checked where it said make copies to iphoto library so that it can manage my photos, and i did that as well with itunes. I let itunes manage my music and copied all of my music from my external drive to it.

    So, in a music folder i have sub music folders in my external drive. And also for pictures, with discription pics in my exernal drive.

    I noticed once i copied it to iphoto and itunes, it doesn't take as much space. Also everything is running so smoothly due to it being ran from the software itself, and any changes i make in the music or photo's, will be done correctly by the iphoto or itunes. No more diging in the finder!

    Once leopard is out, i will erase those folders from my external drive and use the 200gig volume for time machine, and the rest for random extras

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    Best of luck to you. Post again with questions.

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