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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by julienko3, Mar 7, 2008.

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    I have just recently decided to take the photos from my MacBook to my father's Dell to back up my files. However, most of the folders have slashes like this - "/", and windows will not accept these, so I had to rename every single folder (hundreds). What I did was just type in something random. Anyways, the pictures in my iPhoto Library show up for a split second and then they turn to white perforated boxes with exclamation marks because the source of the image obviously cannot be found. How should I go about fixing this in the easiest way?


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    the folders with slashes are events with no names so they are dated. so it sounds like youve dug into the iPhoto Library and renamed all your event folders in the Originals folder. this is a BIG no no as iPhoto now cannot see/find the event folders as its expecting the dates. its no wonder iPhoto cant find your photos.

    what iPhoto is doing is reading the thumbnails (smaller photos) folders it creates in the Data folder presumably for fast photo loading before it loads the actual big photos. but youve renamed all those folders so iPhoto cant find the original big photos so it displays the thumbnails photos then an exclamation mark just like iTunes does if you move a song in the iTunes library.

    you should of just moved the photos while in iPhoto my selecting them all and dragging to a thumb drive or a CD. changing iPhoto's library around is just asking for trouble. this is why Apple made the iPhoto library a package in iPhoto '08 as im guessing too many people where having problems with iPhoto. let iPhoto manage your pictures and move/edit them while in iPhoto.

    seeing as though your renamed every event i would start fresh & trash the whole library within iPhoto.

    do you have a backup of your photos? if so copy them to iPhoto again. but this will create one big event.

    if you dont have a backup or want your events back you will have to manually copy the photos within each folder, folder by folder. this will give you events but they wont be in order by date as you renamed them.

    hope this helped! good luck! :)
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    Nov 7, 2009

    noticed your post and thought you may have an idea? I am new to the forum

    I have a mac book pro system 10.5.8 I life 09 I noticed your post and thought you might know what to do?
    I created another iPhoto library on my external hard drive. With photos from 2007-2008 Deleted them from the main iPhoto. Then in 2008 I carbon copied my computer to the external hard drive. I ended up with 3 iPhoto libraries. I wanted to only have one on the external hard drive and today after not enough research I drug the iphoto icon on top of the one in the user folder on to the iphoto icon. The photos are not showing up in my iphoto library when I open the iphoto on the external HD. I do a rt click and open the iphoto package and the photos are all there with all information How do I get them to show up when I open the external hard drive or am I fried? Thanks for any help

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