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    Ok so I recently imported some pics into my iPhoto library by dragging and dropping them from an external hard drive into the program. Before this, the program was empty as this is a new computer.

    Well I have convinced myself that instead of working with these photos, I would rather archive them and have a blank iPhoto app to start fresh with new photos. I still have te old pictures on my external but I want to delete them from my iPhoto (don't mind if that means the comp) so that my iPhoto is as it was when new (3 days ago)

    So how do I go about completely removing those pics and any other references to those pics from iPhoto?

    I think I saw them in a masters folder but there was so much there (file types of all kinds I did not recognize) I don't know what I can and cannot delete without corrupting iPhoto itself.

    Im new to Mac but am not new to computers. Help?

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