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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by joshua_msu, May 22, 2008.

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    Hello y'all. I promise that this will be my last iPhoto question (hopefully). I just switched to a new iMac. I have a bunch of old photos on my PC that I want to transfer over by a USB SD reader (its 8GB so shouldn't be a problem). When I import them, is it possible to transfer them to an album, or do I have to create a new event for them? It will be about 1600 pics in all, and I would like them all to be in the same folder. Also, will it automatically prompt me to import them when I insert the reader into the USB slot, like it does when I attach my digital camera, or is here some other special process that I need to do? Thanks a lot.
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    To some extent, this depends on which version of iPhoto you are using. If iPhoto detects the USB SD reader, it should ask you if you want to import what's on it (or automatically do it for you). If it doesn't detect it, you can always drag the folder containing the photos to iPhoto's dock icon - that will initiate the import process. iPhoto groups things by the date they were imported, so everything should be in the same folder, and I don't think creating an event will be required but I don't know for certain.
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    If you are using iPhoto08, be careful to see preferences, events, to make sure that the Imported Items from Finder box is not checked. If it is, it will split up each set of photos by their dates into untitled events, creating more of a hassle than you'll want. Dragging the photos all together, without the box checked will create one event, and you can arrange them how you like (ie events or no events.). Hope that helps!

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